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This has been taught in their culture and tradition for years. It is undeniable that the Amish culture and belief system with regards to women and their clothing is stricter compared with men. … Another cause of piloerection is the sympathetic nervous system. … The resulting cocoons are spun into raw silk fibers. Rather than the regular hair nets, hair bonnets, whether silk or Ankara, make you look really stylish even in your sleep. This hypo-allergenic, adjustable option is made from 100% mulberry silk lining. Almost everything in the Amish culture and tradition stemmed from their strong belief in God and the Bible. Also Know, how did the tradition of wearing Easter bonnets begin? Even these Amish bonnets are written in the verses of the Holy Scriptures. Because of their strict observation of the holy scriptures, they are more reserved and submissive compared to men. In low Amish churches, the…

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