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And because of that, I spent those first few years living in my head instead of in my home. Ironically, a few weeks into me happily sporting my bonnet, I woke up to my roommate wearing one as she ate breakfast. As I was praying they wouldn’t judge me if they saw me in a bonnet, I was also judging them, fearful that my lived experience would be invalidated by their seemingly “normal,” cookie-cutter lives. She had never worn a bonnet in her life, but she valued my experience, saw the benefits, and decided to try one for herself. For more information about the benefits of bonnet dryers, silk hair bonnet check out our complete guide. However, Ford insiders suggest the changes inside the Territory are more radical to those outside, freshening the look substantially. In Harlequin Great Danes, the base body color is white and black spots are present…

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