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Sides of the coir sheets are covered with hessian cloth to prevent the coir fiber from coming out of the mattress. 8: Hi-Sleep Vismaya Coir Mattress Hi Sleep’s Vismaya Coir Mattress with latex mixed coir fiber sheets equipped with imported fabric, foam layer. 4: Hi-sleep Life-Ok Memory Plus Box top mattress made out with premium jacquard knitted fabric plus best memory foam quilting over the rebounded foam chassis. 2: Hi Sleep Glossimo B0x Top Spring Mattress-PU foam The box top is equipped with a spring mattress, high tensile bonnet spring chassis, thermo-bonded, woven fabric, super-soft foam, and jacquard weaved fabric quilting. 5: Hi Sleep’s Nidra Coir Mattress ‘Nidra’ coir mattress of Hi Sleep has multiple layers of PU foam quilting in quality cotton cloth. 7: Hi Sleep Suvarna Ultimate Pillow Top Coir Mattress Ultimate pillow top coir mattress made out of high density curled natural coir fiber sheets mixed with…

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