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Incidentally, the Ford C-SUV, while it was still underpinned by the Mahindra W601 platform, was designed by Pininfarina, the famous Italian design studio. Many of us live in areas where Halloween can be a frosty night where our childrens teeth are chattering while they going door to door. The nose looks slimmer, while more elegant headlights and chrome touches liven the look. RECALL ALERT: More than 83,500 SX and SY Territories had been recalled to fix a fluid leak from the front brake hoses. Many owners are frustrated emotionally and financially with their Territories and the whole company. RECALL ALERT: Nearly 5000 Territories are afftected with floor mats that stick to the accelerator pedal much like the same problems with many Toyotas including the Prius. To me, mid-engined Ferraris have always felt much more useable than their image suggests; I don’t think you’d regret getting into an F8 Tributo everyday…

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