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How do you make an adult bonnet? 2. You can perfectly use both a Slap or a Bonnet for plopping your hair. Use this scrub twice a week. Simply use a cotton swab to dislodge any stuck dust but be sure not to push it deeper into the blow dryer. And though when you hear hood dryer you may picture a salon-size behemoth, there are plenty of smaller, compact versions available for home use. … Since there are 100,000 hair follicles — or more — on each person’s scalp, the loss of 100 or so hair strands a day doesn’t make a big difference in appearance. Waxing, though painful, is also a common method for hair removal (read more about that in our Laser vs. How long in between laser hair removal sessions? Your dermatologist can tell you when you can safely have laser treatments to maintain the results. For…

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